Die Entführung aus dem Serail

 “That Kathryn Lewek gets through this aria without losing her breath is amazing! Secondly, without physical exertion, Lewek is not only virtuosic, but fabulous and the peak of an ever wonderful cast.”
Berlin Zeitung 

Maria Stuarda

“Her upper range is gloriously pure: the bel canto decoration sounds effortless, and she has the wonderful ability to sing really high, really softly. And, as she showed in the last act, she can certainly hold those high notes. But it is the other side of the voice that is also essential to that repertoire: the darker, emotional power of the lower range. She has it, and it moves seamlessly into the purity of the upper. This is a soprano performance of a quality that should not be missed.”
– Edmonton Journal

Benvenuto Cellini

“But in my opinion, the most perfect casting was the choice of Kathryn Lewek as the innocent, lovely, but playful and spirited Teresa. Lewek’s pure, beautifully clear voice and emotional range was wonderful to experience.”
– Barcelona Metropolitan


“…the standout of the evening was the soprano Kathryn Lewek…Ms. Lewek’s soprano has an appealing weight and warmth across its range, with blooming, unforced top notes. Combined with voluptuous phrasing and careful attention to the text, those qualities gave each of her solos lasting emotional resonance.”
– The New York Times 


“Heading the pack is Kathryn Lewek, a soprano making quite a name for herself with a notable Met debut in The Magic Flute among her recent credits. Her Angelica is an absolute triumph combining vocal security with dramatic passion. It’s a full-bodied, creamy voice, even across the full range with an easy top. Added to that is a near-perfect sense of line allied to exemplary breath control culminating in a magnificent Act III Cosi giusta e questa speme with full da capo. She’s a lovely actress as well, which sees her invariably nailing her livelier numbers as well – Non potra dirmi ingrate is sung with pin-point accuracy.”
Limelight Music and Arts Magazine